Drone Surveys

Propel Marine was one of the first companies in Australia to conduct Cargo Hold Inspections using GPS free- Gyro Stabilised Drones. The Drone technology expands the capability to inspect Enclosed Spaces, Hull Inspections, Draft Line Inspection and Vessel / Port Facility Mapping. Using the latest, most intuitive and precise Drones available on the market, Propel has pioneered the amalgamation of technology with traditional surveying practices. The cutting-edge Drone technology allows the flexibility and convenience to inspect the high areas in a vessel while ensuring the safety of the person conducting the inspection.

Slider Camera for Draft Survey

Propel Marine introduced the use of Slider Cameras to carry out Draft Surveys without the risk of overside operations. The use of sliders enables the remote reading of drafts, thus ensuring that the risk of overside operations is eliminated. Fitting High Definition live action cameras on customised sliding frames allows the drafts to be read from the safety of main deck, while the drafts are displayed on the user’s smartphone. The effective use of technology optimises accuracy and surveyor's safety.

Safety Vetting Inspections ™ (SVI™, BSVI™, CSVI™ and TSVI™)

In an industry which is under constant pressure to ensure that Marine assets are always prepared to handle external and third-party inspections, Propel Marine implemented a structured approach to ensure that vessels can be prepared to tackle the rigours of an external inspection. Using the decades of combined experience of the top-notch professionals in the team, an extensive inspection procedure was developed to ensure that the Operational and Safety readiness of the vessel always remains at its peak. Customised checklists and software are developed to exceed the requirements specified by Port State Control, Shippers, Terminal Operators and third-party inspection companies.